Immersed pumpe

The Submersible which has been applied to 1 DD.DOD Fuel Stations around the world can create more economic benefits.

Improve refueling capacity when peak demand comes.The Submersible Pump has invented Smart
Frequence Submersible Pump according to the requirements of service station, which improve
the refueling speed at peak demand, and accord with with the design concept of Smart Type Petrol
Station. The Submersible Pump have launched 3HP and 5HP Smart Frequence
Submersible Pump


Performance I Characteristic
1.10%-30% energy saving at off-peak time.
2. Constant Flow 2HP,3HP and 5HP optional depends on peak
demand. 2HP for 8 nozzles, 3HP for 12 nozzles, 5HP for 16 nozzles
refueling at same time.
3. Constant Flow ensure speed refueling and improve profit.
4, Able to diagnose the malfunction.
5. Improve using life, expand alarm function when leak detection is
Power Supply
1. Powered by IQ Control Box of Red Robe Submersible Pump,
2. Single phase or three phase
3. 200-250VAC. 360-440VAC, single phase or three phase. 50Hz or 60 Hz
Smart Frequence Submersible Pump Motor
J. 2HP,3HP,5HP frequence motorwith overheat protection.
2. Flow Range: 2HP 300L/min, 3HP 600Umin, SHP 1000L/min.
3. Pressure: Working Pressure: 24psi-42psi.

Mechanical Leak Detector
The Submersible Pump configure mechanical leak detector which has unique structure and long
service life with gasoline and diesel models, to satisfied different requirements Make max profit
with it’s high detect accuracy, safety and environmental protection.

lnstalltion Instruction


1 11.4Um1n leak on pipelme will be detected under pressure lOpsi
by all types of leak detectors
2 When leakage. all types of leak detectors will control fuel output to
less than 11 4L/min
3 After pick up the nozzle, all types of leak detectors need 2-3 seconds
to work
4 All types of leak detectors start work when pipeling pressure above
1 psi
5 All types of Leak Detectors are capable of detecting leaks of all
pipe hnes up to 3 meters above the Leak Detector installation location
6. When the line pressure drops below 3p51, all types of leak detectors
will be turned off 1 11.4Um1n leak o