INOVATIO offers a fully integrated card payment solution designed to meet the specific needs of the gas station market. Crypto VGA (on-lane payment terminal) and Crypto IPT (indoor payment terminal) integrate seamlessly with our electronic payment server solution to provide the most complete and secure on-site card payment solution.

Features :


The Online Authorization and Switching Environment (OASE) facilitates payments at the desk by credit card or fuel card. It eliminates the complexity of implementing various protocols and key management at the site and centralizes the processes at the selector. One security scheme (based on 3DES and DUKPT) and one protocol (based on IFSF) is all it takes to connect a SAG-equipped site with the OASE – and from there you can accept all cards. From the OASE, transactions are transferred to the corresponding bank and fleet card acquirers in accordance with their specific security guidelines and protocols, were they are authorized directly by the OASE. This solution provides a significant benefit to our customers, as it is now very easy for them to accept new cards at their sites.

The OASE as a credit card selectore

OASE supports all major credit card systems, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. With OASE, our customers have the advantage of being able to select their preferred credit card provider, which offers them the best rates and the best level of service. A very attractive proposition can be made to them through the aggregation of transactions from multiple countries for each provider, which gives our customers the “purchasing power” to obtain very low rates. OASE is compliant with relevant banking standards and PCI DSS and offers our customers a superior level of service.

OASE as a fleet card selector

OASE offers the most comprehensive fleet card acceptance solution in the industry with a multitude of secure online links to fleet card issuers. For a gas station, it is simple to accept additional cards to your network and increase your revenue. For fleet card issuers, the SAG base is the fastest way to achieve acceptance of their cards throughout Algeria, for example by signing cross-acceptance agreements with service station networks.

OASE as final host

OASE also provides a full service for online fleet card support. This reduces the high level of investment for fleet card issuers to set up a secure online infrastructure. With OASE, they have access to an attractive business model for a relatively low investment. Through the use of black and white lists, different speed parameters and corresponding payment files, each oil company is able to develop its own rules.


fidelity and e-coupons

The INOVATIO payment solution also includes a suite of loyalty applications. We offer a loyalty package that includes standard features such as awarding points based on items and fuel purchased, redeeming points for gifts, and additional points earned through affiliated coupon programs. This generic loyalty interface is based on the IFSF standard, and therefore has a reduced time-to-market. INOVATIO also offers an application for creating e-vouchers, which includes prepaid phone cards, gift cards, theme park tickets and more. This generic e-coupon interface uses the IFSF standard with a barcode or item number / activation code. You can further customize the service by adding logos and branding to the printed coupons.