System to control at distance

INOVATIO’s SCD combines a powerful controller with an electronic payment server (EPS) application. Not only does the SCD connect to all types of fuel dispensers, but it can interface between third-party dispenser systems and card management payment solutions.

  1. Characteristics:

The SCD offers the customers a compact hardware design including mirrored disk functionality and a range of external hardware converters for support of proprietary protocols. The SCD also allows you to control your tank gauge level, price display, and on-site payment terminals, and more.

  • The solution based on a technology that allows you to access data and manages your site at a distance.
  • The SCD proposes to control:
  • Distributors: a wide range of distributors from other manufacturers
  • On-line payment: connect the Crypto VGA to yours dispensers other than INOVATIO
  • POS: connect your POS terminal to the rest of your track
  • The gauges of the tanks: connect to gauges and probes
  • Price display: control the display of your prices day and night
  • Vehicle identification: connect to vehicle identification systems such as Smart Fuel
  • Media: connect to and manage your 17″ VGA media displays

Support: remote diagnostics and software upgrades